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The Sewell Lufkin Memorial Scholarship

Sewell Lufkin

After graduating in 1936 from Fortuna Union High School in northern California, Sewell Lufkin joined the U.S. Marine Corps. At the outbreak of World War II he was serving on the island of Guam. Sewell was taken prisoner in December of 1941, survived a brutal Death March, and was held in a Japanese prisoner of war camp under devastating conditions until liberation in October of 1945. After military retirement in 1958, Sewell returned to Fortuna, where he taught at Toddy Thomas Elementary School. He also served as Scotia Band Conductor from 1960 - 1976.

In memory of Sewell Lufkin, the Scotia Band enacted the Sewell Lufkin Memorial Scholarship in 1979. The current $600 college scholarship is available to one, selected high school graduate from Humboldt County (CA) who seeks a career in music beginning with a major or minor in an accredited music program. Students may apply more than one year, but may only win one scholarship. Preference may be granted to those students majoring in music education, and/or to those candidates who have been active members of the Scotia Band. Applicants must complete the Official Sewell Lufkin Memorial Scholarship Application Form, obtain one letter of recommendation, and provide a short, written essay of 250 words or less expressing their musical accomplishments and aspirations. Please read and follow the directions on the official form.

Students interested in applying may contact the Scotia Band via email, direct mail, or may come in person to any rehearsal at the Humboldt Swiss Club on Monday nights, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. We are presently not open to receiving applications for the scholarship. We anticipate an open enrollment for the 2022 scholarship beginning in February 2023. Please check back at this site. Donations to the scholarship fund are welcomed (please see the “Contact Us” page for contact information).

A number of former winners of this scholarship have returned from college and are now music teachers within Humboldt County.

Prior Winners of the Sewell Lufkin Memorial Scholarship


2022 Sam Aldag

2020 Alonna Freeborne

2019 Grace Bugnacki

2018 Jacob Smith

2016 Matt Wardynski

2015 Angela Petricca

2014 Cody Congdon

2013 Matthew LaBelle

2012 Alana McConnell

2011 Matthew Brown

2010 Dolan Leckliter

2009 Laura Welch

2008 Travis Kane

2007 Damien Adams

2004 Cory Barrows

2004 Tosha Whitehead

2000 Jacque Etter

1998 Anthony Simon

1998 Robin Petersen

1997 Heidi Etter

1997 Matthew McClimon

1995 Sarah McClimon

1995 Dustin Jones

1995 Michael Ginn

1994 Michael McCullough

1991 Carmen Acevedo

1990 Melissa Petersen

1988 Melissa Stockton

1987 Sheila Evans

1987 Shari Matias

1986 Nancy Olesen

1986 Jonathan Johnson

1985 Colleen Callan

1984 Andrea Thurston

1983 Barbara Forrest McNeeley

1983 Shari Hillman

1983 Laurie Harvey (Wilson)

1982 Wendy Schiess

1982 Delene Johnson

1982 Brigitte Roete

1981 Patricia Jo Thompson

1981 Wesley Evans

1980 Carol McWhorter

1980 Dana Demant

1980 Karen Adams

1979 David Demant